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LEADERS is our way of setting out the values that inspire our whole community.

Many of our students are highly able academically and they will go on to study at the world's top universities. Others have different strengths and might need some support with their learning. Our commitment is that we will meet the needs of every one of our students. Teachers are skilled in providing extra support and extra challenge as they are required. It is this personalized approach that makes us distinctive.

Our approach leads students to be confident and creative. Lessons are interactive and require students to think for themselves. They develop their English language skills through the extensive use of planned and productive paired and group work. Every lesson is seen as a precious opportunity to learn something new.

We are committed to excellence and for us that means progress. We bring out the best in all of our children and young people, wherever they are now on the learning journeys and we celebrate all of their achievements. Our unique approach means we work together with children and parents to plan how each student can reach his or her full potential and go further than they thought possible. We want them to fly!

In practice, this means additional challenge for our academic high flyers and additional support for those who need it. Our small class sizes and high staffing levels make it possible to meet the needs of every student. We track their progress carefully and set individual targets and goals, rewarding success and intervening effectively if anybody falls short.

We want our young people to be ambitious about what they can become, ambitious about what they can offer the world in the personal and professional lives.

We too are ambitious. We want to be famous for being a caring school where every student gains the knowledge, skills, understanding and values they need to make sense of and thrive in their rapidly changing world

Our students come from all over the world to form a happy and harmonious community. They are valued as unique and precious individuals, each with his or her own strengths. We do not have an entrance exam to keep children out; instead we have assessments to identify the support and challenge they need to thrive.
The Romans had it right, mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body. They go together and that's especially important today as children have an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Physical exercise, good, healthy food and lessons about how to stay healthy and make the right decisions are central parts of the way we work. Our school nurse is a valued member of our team.

Our young people are switched on to life. We value their enthusiasms and help them become the best they can be in all areas of their life, not just in the classroom. For us, sport, music, art, drama, our Green Team and all of the other co-curricular opportunities are not add-ons but are an integral part of a holistic education.

We follow what we believe to be the best English language curricula in the world: the Australian primary curriculum and the English secondary curriculum, leading to IGCSE and A level qualifications, which open doors to the best universities and employment opportunities globally. We will spare no effort to enable all of our students to reach the highest grades of which they are capable.

We use the latest learning technology and our approach helps students to be adaptable, resilient and confident

We know that children become lifelong, independent learners if they enjoy their school days. That's why we focus on the quality of children's relationships with each other and with the staff. This is a happy and friendly school where people care for and respect each other. As a result behaviour is outstanding and students are highly motivated. We want our children to do well and to learn that their talents need to be used responsibly. Traditional values of duty, service and putting other people before ourselves are important to us. We foster mutual respect and insist on a smart appearance.

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