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Bahrain School Overview


Our Vision

Working with parents to enable all of our children to achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential.

Bahrain Schools MNSB

Our Mission

A happy and successful school meeting every child's individual needs and nurturing LEADERS.

Our Values

LEADERS' is our way of setting out the values that inspire our whole community.

Educating the whole child
Readiness for a changing world
Serving and caring

The Multinational School - Bahrain is a K-12 private international school in the Bahrain located in the heart of Adliya for pupils aged 3 to 15 years with further years opening in 2016/17. The school is based on the success, good practice and expertise of its sister school in Riyadh that has been open since 1998 and offers:

• Academic excellence with strong pastoral care.
• Supported learning programmes – Learning Support, Mainstream Dependency and English as an Additional Language.
• Excellent, internationally experienced, qualified teachers.
• Child-centred and play-based Early Childhood Programmes.
• Early integration of technology into the learning process.

If you are considering the next stage of your childʼs education, you are warmly invited to contact us to discuss the life and work of Multinational School - Bahrain!

Connect with us

The Bahrain school prides itself on being connected with our parents and the local community. Please feel free to connect and collaborate with Multinational School Bahrain on the following social media platforms.

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