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Multinational School Riyadh

The Multinational School - Bahrain's salubrious campus in Adliya has a colourful history. Until summer 2013 it was home to the New York Institute of Technology and before that it was the US Embassy, so the buildings have some stories to tell, but then so do Julia and Grant Jefferson the Chair and Vice Chair of MNS-B.

In 1998 Julia and Grant Jefferson had been posted to Riyadh with Grant's job and they were struggling to find the right school for their children.

"So we decided to set up our own school, where every child would get the support and challenge they need to reach their full potential," says Julia.

From that dream the Multinational School, Riyadh was born. Now home to 1,500 students aged 2-18 years, it is a top school in the region. At the school students have achieved some of the highest marks in the world in their IGCSE and A level examinations. Just as important to Julia and Grant is that students at their school with additional learning needs are supported so they too flourish, and parents of those children are delighted.

Seeing firsthand the great need for schools that leave no child behind and knowing no other schools in the region had the same mission, the Jefferson's looked to expand. They opened a second Multinational School in Bahrain in September 2013.

"We know children thrive in our school and there is a great need in the market." – Julia Jefferson

The people seem to agree. Rave reviews from parents on the school's Facebook community and the buzz created since the school's launch have seen pupil numbers grow rapidly.

Multinational School Riyadh

The Multinational Schools' success is partly due to their philosophy on learning. Students' happiness and wellbeing are central. School is a joyful place, a community working with a common purpose while having lots of fun doing so. School is about educating the whole child and offering them every opportunity to grow.

"Our young people's success as adults will be down to their character at least as much as their qualifications. We want our students to be known for their creativity, imagination, resilience and people skills, the things that will make them great men and women." – Julia Jefferson

"Without inspirational people in the classroom we won't become the school we want to be." – Grant Jefferson


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