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Kindergarten (KG) - Foundation

The Kindergarten programme is based on learning through play. It helps to create a positive attitude towards learning and develops the children's abilities and talents.

In the early years, the children learn though exploration, with guided, hands-on experiences.

Their progression through KG1 and KG2 gives them a good foundation for entry into the Foundation Class (5-6 year olds).

The focus in the Kindergarten is on improving the children's social skills, listening skills, questioning skills, gross and fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination, learning to be part of a group, creativity, learning that print holds the message and early numeric skills. All these enhance the quality and preparation of individual learning abilities through planned activities based on a thematic approach.

All the classrooms offer a bright learning environment, with a wide range of resources. The students also take part in Music, Art, Physical Education and visits to the Junior Library and language activities in KG2.

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