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Bahrain this Month - Growing Up Fast!

1 July 2014, 3:00 am
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Growing Up Fast!

The word around town is that a recent survey showed excellent results for this new school, signalling a rise in its student uptake. 

Growing up fastWhen the Multinational School ­— Bahrain opened its doors in Adliya in September 2013, it had just 46 pupils. Less than a year later, the institution has seen a threefold increase to 136 and now has over 250 students waiting to join in September. So what exactly draws families to Bahrain’s newest international school? 

“Word of mouth is the biggest factor now,” says Judith Lyons, the school’s registrar. “People are getting good reports from our students’ parents and so they come to have a look around.”

As part of its commitment to excellence, the school recently carried out an anonymous survey of its parents, designed by Ofsted. Results were 100 per cent positive in 12 of the 13 areas analysed in the study and every parent recommended Multinational School — Bahrain. 

“Comments left by parents on the school’s Facebook page are a tribute to the high standards that the staff sets and to the quality of relationships in the school,” says David Tansey, the principal. 

“We are also finding that educators from other schools in Bahrain and all over the world are keen to join us and that means we can be very selective,” he says. “I spend a lot of my time interviewing potential new teachers.” Plans are afoot to develop the school’s campus this summer with new science labs, an arts zone and a bigger kindergarten. 

“We know we have a lot to do to become the truly outstanding school we want to be, but we were confident that Bahrain was looking for an inclusive school, where children of all ability levels can reach their full potential and achieve their ambitions, as they do at the Multinational School in Riyadh. It is like watching a child grow up fast,” says Julia 
Jefferson, chairperson of governors.

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