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Specialist Subjects

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We focus on developing the whole child and build on our wonderful sense of community through an emphasis on The Arts. We provide specialist Visual Art and Music programmes across the school. Drama and Media are taught by our class teachers and are part of our English Literacy Programme.

We provide opportunities in the Arts that include: school choir, an annual whole school performance, concerts and our annual art show which focuses on and celebrates our students' works.

Visual Arts

Bahrain School Art Class

In the Visual Arts, students explore their artistic abilities using a variety of media. They learn how to use hatching and shading when drawing; colour and tone while painting and printing; and how to create impressionist and abstract 3-dimensional sculptures.

Visitors to MNS-B often comment on the quality of the art work on display. As this goes to press the influence of Monet's water lilies, Van Gogh's sunflowers and Modigliani's portraits is clear to see. Not only are students making good progress in art they enjoy their lessons in our light and spacious studio very much.

Art is also very popular co-curricular activity and our location in Adliya means we have easy access to a number of galleries to support the students work. We were proud to take part in the recent art festival, Alwan 338 when Swiss artist Caroline Palla's installation blazed out from the school wall.


Bahrain Schools Music

Many children are passionately interested in music. To listen to and play music can be a lifelong source of pleasure and interest. Music also helps young people to work together as a team and to listen attentively. It's an important part of learning to read as small children develop their awareness of sounds as they sing.

We have a well equipped music suite with a range of instruments reflecting the broad range of music studied. The use of local instruments helps students understand something of Bahraini culture and the facilities are there to support future orchestral soloists and rock stars. Most of all, though, music at MNS-B is fun.

Primary School Physical EducationThe Health and Physical Education programmes are taught across all levels within the school and includes daily fitness, skill development and game simulations during Physical Education lessons. The programmes also include interschool sports days and an intensive swimming programme with qualified instructors.

Physical Education is an integral component of our curriculum and extra curricula program. We intend for all children to be actively engaged in physical exercise in order to promote healthy development, social interaction and team participation.


Arabic and French are taught as part of the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) curriculum from Foundation to Year 6.

The main goal is 'critical fluency', that is getting students to be able to effectively, if simply, communicate in these languages. As beginners, this is achieved by the use of gestures; simplified and focused language choice; story, drama and music; and language manipulation activities.

The aims of this program are:

  • To raise awareness of the diversity of cultures and ways of communicating
  • To develop an understanding of the nature of language and some of the basic grammatical forms of expression
  • To develop basic vocabulary and simple expressions in another language
  • To encourage the exploration of different forms of expression
  • To celebrate the similarities between cultures

The Language Curriculum

  • Is in accordance with the Ministry of Education – Bahrain requirements and AusVELS.
  • The LOTE program makes appropriate links to other subject areas.
  • Students have a choice between studying Arabic or French.
  • Each of the Languages pathways are divided into two levels to cater for speaking and non-speaking French and Arabic language students.
  • Children experience the four disciplines of reading, writing, listening and speaking in according to their proficiency and development.
  • The LOTE program aims to be meaningful, relevant, and enjoyable. It responds to the needs and interests of all children.
  • We learn through lots of fun ways including games, songs, competitions, Special Days, foods, festivals etc.
  • Children's progress is assessed regularly through a variety of methods and reported to parents according to the school's reporting and assessment policy.

Islamic studies are embedded within the Arabic Language course and meet the Bahrain Ministry of Education's requirements.

Information Technology

Students develop ICT skills to organise, revise and classify ideas to assist their thinking processes. They access published multimedia resources and are encouraged to think critically about how these resources support their learning. Students use ICT to solve problems, express ideas and present information to different audiences.


ICT is an important Domain for MNS-B as we not only give specific publishing and researching lessons, but also embed it across the curriculum.

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