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Primary Curriculum Overview


The Multinational School Bahrain strongly supports 'Active and Informed Citizens for a Sustainable World'.

This is a consistent message to parents, students, teachers and the greater community about the key capabilities, knowledge, skills and values that our students develop throughout their years of education in our school.

This is exemplified by establishing:

  • Positive identity and relationships within the school and wider community.
  • Thinking, reasoning and communicative skills.
  • Innate creativity and problem solving.
  • Citizenship and democratic processes.
  • Sustainable practice.

Primary Curriculum OverviewOur curriculum recognises that Multinational School Bahrain parents expect our educators to provide students with opportunities to develop as creative, healthy and informed citizens, with the skills necessary to foster a love of learning, and to build positive relationships.

Our school's learning programmes are based on the Essential Learning and Standards outlined in the 2008 Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians.

The Melbourne Declaration specifies the following learning areas in the AusVELS Curriculum:

Literacy is the core business of our school. In every room, in all eight key learning areas. Our vision is to ensure that Multinational School Bahrain prepares literate students for the challenges of learning and living in a rapidly changing society.

At the Multinational School Bahrain we:

  • Value reading and writing, and their role in developing and empowering each and every child in their life long journey of learning.
  • Implement explicit teaching practices such as delivering daily reading and writing programs that use a variety of methods, strategies and approaches.
  • Continuously monitor and assess to identify learning needs, in order to have each child succeed.
  • Continue the teaching strategies used in the early phase of learning into the progressing years of Years 4 to 6.
  • Expect high levels of achievement that is appropriate for each child.
  • Include the four aspects of a balanced literacy program (modelled, shared, guided, independent).
  • Model the love of reading.
  • Identify reading books for developmental learning and home learning appropriate to students needs and abilities.
  • Immerse classrooms in print.
  • Emphasis on Numeracy.

Mathematics has the power to shape the future of a society. It's the basis of many activities related to everyday living. Our mathematics program draws from the following strands from the AusVELS Syllabus:

  • Number and Algebra.
  • Measurement & Geometry.
  • Statistics and Probability.

Our vision is to ensure that MNS-B prepares numerate students for the challenges of learning and living in a rapidly changing society by:

  • Valuing numeracy and its role in developing and empowering each and every child in their journey of learning.
  • Implementing explicit teaching practices (demonstrating, modelling, reviewing and reflecting).
  • Continuously monitor and assess to identify learning needs in order to achieve in the early phase of learning.
  • Expecting high levels of achievement appropriate for each child.
  • Include the three aspects of a balanced numeracy program (mental computations, explicit teaching focus, independent learning).
  • Balance the use of concrete materials and conceptual learning.
  • Our educators implement appropriate strategies necessary to ensure our students will be literate and numerate for life.

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